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Sunday, October 20, 2013

10/15/13 email

Hey Fam!

Elder Parker and I had our first baptism Saturday! sorry i totally forgot to tell you about him in these last couple of letters i think but thats because i was just scrambling on what to talk about haha. His name is Zane and he was brought by a member (seriously the most effective way for missionary work).  His fiance, Sandy, is a disfellowshipped convert who has been coming back for awhile now since before me. Zane is an awesome guy and Sandy was so great to teach Zane with because every thing we taught him he would always say, "yeah Sandy talked to me about this" and he was willing and able to accept the word of wisdom, the law of chastity, the law of tithing and everything else that i am forgetting with ease.  His testimony is so cool and everything in the church "just makes sense" to him -- it really does just in general.  

He asked Elder Parker to baptize him which i was expecting because Elder Parker was teaching him before i came out here and i would show you the picture of us but i look fat and i am still very shallow soooooo i won't be sending it haha sorry.  the service was really cool we had a couple of speakers talk on baptism (Elder Parker) and the Holy Ghost (Sister Molano, the Branch President's wife) she is such a good speaker! then we had Elder Newbold (the other golden/greenie in the area) sing "i stand all amazed" and it was really good too; fun fact he was at the tryouts for Beyond 5 as well haha. He brought his best friend as well as his sister and brother in-law and his parents. all except for his parents seemed to be really interested and asking a lot of questions. Oh and Sister Molano made these brownies which tasted like eternal happiness! they were incredible my mouth is now watering.

Earlier that week (Tuesday) we went on exchanges with the District Leader and his golden. i went to a town called Potsville with Elder Prue who has been out as long as me and we (or should i say I) helped move some people's furniture around and across town so that was fun right? haha. Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders and we stayed here in Tamaqua. we went to go teach a man named Chester with our branch mission leader Brother Roman who has the best handshake i have ever felt oh my gosh! but it was pretty cool. chester has mountain climbed with mormons his entire life and has always respected how much family meant to them and how they were able to stay so close with their kids. he loves our religion but the only thing keeping him from converting is his dad who is a stout Lutheran, his dad is 91 and still goes bow hunting. he told us that he will be baptized after his dad dies basically because he doesn't want to upset him.

It has been starting to rain a bit more and more and the end of the week was pretty slow.Sunday i gained the 10 lbs that i had lost all back. Since Monday was  Canadian Thanksgiving the Hull family invited us over for dinner since Sister Hull is Canadian. We had Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green bean casserole, rolls, and pumpkin pie! and being a missionary and not wanting to offend... I ate everything! Big mistake. when sitting on their couch for a gospel message my stomach felt like it was going to burst. I tried very hard to not fall asleep after we got back. i got on the scale and I had literally gained 10 lbs!! Now granted i was still in my suit and shoes but still.

Wednesday we had a member (John Valentine) pass away. he was starting to come back to church more and more and his death was a bit of a surprise despite his health issues. i think we are having the memorial on saturday.  

On a brighter note Brother Roman (our mission leader) has been a member for a year and one  day! and will receive the Melchizedek priesthood soon! we will be getting a new senior couple and they will hold a temple prep class for some of the members and we will be taking over the gospel principles class. i have to give a talk this sunday and i am pretty nervous mostly because i have no subject so i am going to be speaking on the importance of coming to church and the blessings we receive from doing so... pray for me on that please haha. i think that is everything this past week was really hectic and i am running short on time. i hope everything is going well.

I love you guys,
Elder Barker
 Elder Newbold was knocked out so i decided to take an awkward picture of myself. Elder Parker is on the left and Elder Levitt is behind my shoulder haha. and i look fat...

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