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Monday, February 24, 2014

Email from Feb 17th

Hey Dad.
This week has definitely been interesting. Tuesday we received iPad mini's and got instruction on them. they're pretty cool but it took forever getting our area book into them. we had to manually put each teaching record in an app on it. i think we just finished and we have the smallest area book in the mission i'm sure since the area is so new and the population is small. With all the storms that hit us this last week and getting the ipads up to date the week was really slow and we had the lowest amount of lessons i've had on a mission... wasn't happy about that but it's not about the numbers. I have to come to find out that some people, despite not knowing about us, really don't like mormons no matter how old they are. It's okay though it doesn't phase me i heard a lot weird things back home too haha. 
Wednesday we went on exchanges with our District Leader and he and I stayed in Tamaqua. He and I are the only ones not from Utah. He's from Brea, CA. We went to Brother Bhola's and helped shovel his snow. two california boys shoveling snow is always good right? I mean we are experts haha it was good though we were able to clear their street for them and their yard. 
Thursday we almost were unable to switch back because of a storm and the streets but we were able to since the Wilsons volunteered. Elder Hansen and I then went back to Brother Bhola's to help shovel again.  There was 18 inches of snow and freezing rain was coming down. That was some heavy snow. turns out he did have a snow blower though so we got to put it to use for a bit and it came in handy. 
Friday well because of continued snow we got a few appointments cancelled... but we were able to meet with Bill McCoy and he offered a room in his basement for us to teach people and hold a scripture study class so we will hopefully be able to find people to come to that. 
Saturday we got to shovel more snow for some members so that was good again. That wasn't sarcasm it was nice to help them haha
Sunday church got cancelled... due to weather. Did not exactly make my week since Sacrament meeting is our refuel time for the week. instead of church we got to go tracting! Yay! we did get to set up a couple of return appointments through that though so that was good but the place i'm at is very hilly and it was pretty hard. We did have a great lesson with Kenny & Lissette though and we read 1 Ne 1 with them and they really liked it and we committed them to read daily and Lissette said we can read the next 2 chapters by our next visit. So i was thinking let's set up something during the week but when we asked when we could come back they said Sunday and Kenny said they could read the entire 1st book of Nephi by then! So we will hold them to that. I'm pretty excited for them:) Kenny is an awesome guy they just need to get married haha but it will happen. The Spirit was strong when we brought out a picture of Christ and I wish I could send it to you because it my favorite picture of him but if you have the gospel library app it's on the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet in the repentance part. the pamphlet is in the missionary section. It is a great picture and you can feel the peace that Christ offers all of us through His Atonement. 
Honestly that's all for this week it was very uneventful because of the weather.  
Hope you are doing well!
Elder Barker

ps last day of the transfer is March 2. I will probably be leaving but I don't know yet.

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