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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Josh's email from 2/10/14

Dear Dad,
My week was better towards the end. There was another snow storm early in the week followed by freezing rain so that was fun, but the party happened when Elder Hansen and myself got to help Brother Bhola shovel his front yard and all the walk ways around his house as well his deck. I could almost walk on top of the snow without falling in because of the freezing rain. So i got a good workout. We did that a couple times during the week actually. Thursday we went to Zone Training and then went to weekly planning, on the drive back Sister Watson called and was asking about baptisms for the dead wondering how she can do it and how she can be baptized for her relative. It was neat because she was recently a less-active member and is now getting more and more curious about temples so that is awesome to see. 

Friday we went to the Salvation Army again to see if we can help out and the Major there (Pastor) told us that she wants to meet with us so she can have a better feel for our beliefs, which is what I would do too, so hopefully we'll be able to help them reach out to the youth in this area. Then we went to Brother Nunemacher's house and talked about the importance of Church again and committed him to go on Sunday, unfortunately he did not come. We called Lissette and Kenny again to see how they were doing and they said that they just want to go to the local churches because it is more convenient, so I just asked if we'd be able to come Saturday and meet with them and she agreed. 

Saturday morning we were able to meet with Mario and talk about the gospel of Christ and invited him to move his baptism up a week (he didn't want to be the only one being baptized and there is a couple getting baptized on the 1st of March). We invited him to pray about it and let us know. We also went to McAdoo to visit an investigator of the Hazleton elders and taught him the Gospel of Christ as well. During the lesson he told us that he wants "the glow that we have" and we told him how after baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost which enables us to have His companionship always. He told us that he wants to be baptized! It was really powerful.  Afterwards we went to the library to use facebook and on our way out a man asked us, "Are you Mormon?" and we said we sure are! Apparently he was being taught by some sisters in Missouri and was just talking to them on Facebook before meeting us. We are meeting with him this Friday

We then went tracting for awhile before we headed to Lissette's and we got a few satanic remarks thrown at us which is a little disturbing honestly but at least they know we worship Heavenly Father. While we were tracting though an old investigator, named Joe Kalista, drove by and then yelled out, "isn't it too cold for missionary work Elders?" We started talking to him and he told us that he needs to have us over after he comes back from his soon vacation. He's a really good guy and awesome to talk to. We then had to go to Mahanoy City for our appointment with Kenny & Lissette. We taught about Joseph Smith and how he translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God, and how the Authority to run Christ's church was given to him after nearly 1800 years of it being absent from the face of the earth. Kenny towards the end asked us what gave us our witness of the truth of the Book of Mormon and also what our favorite chapter was. As we bore our testimonies the Spirit was so powerful and I know they could feel the same thing. Lissette then closed with a prayer and it was a great prayer and I am so happy that they will continue to have us over.  I'm pretty sure that they invited us to their daughters' birthday party haha. 

Sunday I taught Sunday School on the Holy Ghost and His role in the Godhead. We cleared things up about the trinity after John asked about it. We talked about how they - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost - are one in purpose but are three separate beings. He then said well that makes a lot more sense! Once again as Elder Newbold and I closed with telling how the Holy Spirit has helped and guided us we felt the Spirit in the room so strongly. The Gospel is awesome! After Church we split up in Hazleton and Elder Newbold and I went to see Fabio because the Elders haven't seen him in a few weeks. We talked with him and he is just having a really tough time and so we offered him a blessing. He at first didn't want one of healing but he accepted one of comfort and asked me to give it. I was really surprised because he knows Elder Newbold so much better. I don't really know what to describe the feeling as especially since I have given so few blessings still, but as soon as Elder Newbold and I were outside he turned to me and said, "That blessing was powerful! That was one of the most powerful blessings I have been a part of." That was really great to hear knowing someone else was able to recognize and feel the Spirit work through me to bless this brother. 

I know this church is true. I know that through Joseph Smith, our loving Heavenly Father was able to restore the true Gospel to this Earth so that all of us - his children - would be able to enjoy the great blessings from living the Gospel in this life. I am so grateful for the Plan of Happiness that allows us to be with those we love for time and eternity and not just until we die. I am very grateful to be here on a mission serving God's children here in Pennsylvania. 

I hope you feel better Dad.
Elder Barker

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