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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Email from 3/17/14

We got another email from a member along with a picture:
I am Sister Fox, in the Bayview ward. Your son is serving in my ward now. Last Sunday these guys filled in last minute when we needed an intermittent hymn. They sang an altered version of Army of Helaman made for the missionaries of the Philadelphia mission. I so wanted to take their picture while they were singing on the stand, but felt it was inappropriate so I did the next best thing and took their picture after church. I hope you enjoy it.
Terri Fox

And for the main attraction:  
Hey Dad, 
Everything is changing haha. How are Amanda & Mitch? Nathan is growing it seems, how tall is he? He can get 230? Did he touch his chest though? That's the question haha. And Steve can lift more than I did? [Note:  Steve bench pressed 265 this last week:-D ]  I don't like it I'll change that when I get back but for now I have to stick with pulls ups and push-ups. That's so cool about Nate getting 1st Team! Who got MVP? 
So Monday was a pretty fun day. We went to the Mall in Wilmington and just walked around its funny how different you see everything as a missionary, you're more aware of the good in things but also the worldly. So the mall wasn't completely comfortable all the time, but I did buy me a sixers hat (I planned on getting one when I got called here). 
So my week has consisted with a lot of service. We set a goal to give service to 7 members in 7 days which we did.  
Tuesday we (by "we" I mean I watched) helped a member fix another member's washer. 
We also were able to have an awesome lesson with Jackie! Last week she was about to drop us but now she's excited about church again and loves us coming over! 
We stopped by a less active member named Sharron and... Ugh. She doesn't believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet but she loves going to the temple and the spirit she feels there. I tried to explain to her that the reason the temple is so spiritual is because Of modern day revelation and what not but because in the bible it doesn't have the exact words "Joseph Smith will restore the gospel" she can't believe it. I did share Genesis 50 with her though and how it is a prophecy about Joseph Smith. We also had a really good lesson with Seth Guns. He is a recent convert and he had a lot of questions still since he is joining the marines. We shared a few messages from Thomas S. Monson and Boyd K. Packer about military service and how the Holy Ghost helped them make life saving choices.  
Wednesday we got to teach someone named Sandra. She absolutely loved church on Sunday and is excited to get baptized! We had two dinner appointments that day... The struggle is real. I had sea food from the Chesapeake Bay. The shrimp still had legs and digested food inside it. It was not good haha.  
Friday we helped out with another family and moved giant branches that fell from trees from the storms here. The pile was pretty big when we finished.  
Saturday morning we went to the McMoran's house and we helps them move other pieces of wood into the garage and they took us out to breakfast. Then we went to the Kempton's home where we had a really big lunch... It was painful. We helped build a raised garden fence after that. We called some people who wanted us to play football to tell them we couldn't make it but they were all geared up ready to play so we helped the Kempton's for a couple hours and then played football. All that food in me made it hard but I got all the touch downs for us and we won haha. It was fun:)  
Sunday I had to sing during sacrament meeting as a special musical number. Elder Taylor and I were sitting with different people visiting and all of sudden he comes to me and tells me that we're singing. I'm a bad singer and Elder Taylor is a very loud singer who is a lot worse and than me so I'm really scared. I said a prayer that people will be able to feel the spirit as we do. When we walked up to the pulpit I whispered to the 2nd counselor, "Pray for us." He laughed and then we sang our mission hymn which is to the tune of Army of Helaman. It wasn't terrible no voice cracks from any of us. After church we had a Long time of just inputting teaching records into the iPads and it takes a good toll on your sanity after a period of time. Luckily we had an appointment with someone that night. We went over the Word of Wisdom. She (Katie) is a bit worried about no coffee but said she'll try but won't fully commit until next week. She has a baptismal date for late April hopefully her and her husband work towards that. The lesson wasn't great just too many distractions. 
The week was good though. I hope you all are doing great and are well! 
Elder Barker

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