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Monday, March 3, 2014

Email from 3/3/14

Hey Dad!

So first off i am getting transferred! I drive down to Broomall on Wednesday and go to my new area then. I will miss a lot of people here: Zane & Sandy, Kenny & Lissette, Mario, the Molanos, the Hulls, Brother Roman, everyone! I got up to bear my testimony yesterday and said that is was my last sunday here and i saw some faces that got sad. It made me kind of sad as well but at least that means they're not glad to see me go... I hope haha. 

This week was good got most of the goals that we had set at the beginning of the week. 

On Tuesday we met with Mario at a McDonalds, i really don't like meeting there but it's better than BK at least. We taught him the word of wisdom, tithing, and the law of the fast and he took it all very well and committed to live them all. He was a little concerned about coffee but Elder Hansen helped him see that he would be blessed physically and spiritually for it. He also was a little nervous about fasting, going two meals without any water he was afraid that he would pass out or have a dry mouth or something haha but we promised him he would be fine and that i had fasted once a month for almost all my life and i didn't keel over haha. He doesn't have any conditions or anything he's just funny. On Wednesday one of our zone leaders came to Tamaqua and we went to the Hylands. It was a good lesson and we were able to get Sister Hyland involved and invited her to read and pray at least once with her husband every day. she said we'll see if i have time then went back to staring at facebook like she has done every time i have been over there. 

Thursday we got a lot of fun pictures since 4 of us in the district are leaving. 

Friday we got to see a lady named Shannon. Now she has had a hard life with abuse of all kinds and less than a year ago her husband came home from the Army after being away for a year and decided that he didn't want to be with her anymore and left for a younger girl. we talked about the restoration of the gospel and how it has helped our lives and she said she was very interested. Michael Bravo also came back! he was in rehab for a long time for alcoholism and seems to be doing a lot better. 

Saturday Mario took us out to dinner and even though we continually said no because he has a lot of debt he wouldn't say no since i was leaving and it was elder hansen's birthday. we both got something really cheap though. Earlier though we went to the McFarland's and taught them the Plan of Happiness and we had some cut outs and i think that helped her visualize it a lot better. i just can't tell what she gets and doesn't because she barely talks.

Me and Mario

Zane, Sandy, and Lianna

Sunday was good. I was able to get a lot of pictures with people which i will send, and the testimonies were really great. We had a couple in spanish but it didn't matter because the spirit knows all languages and was still there. We were unable to see Kenny & Lissette because he had to work so i am pretty sad that i couldn't say goodbye to them in person but we have facebook haha. 

Brother Roman (former mission leader) holds title of best handshake in world

My district! From top left: Elder Prue, Elder Hansen, Elder Mower & Elder Lozano (zone leaders), Elder Cowley, Elder Wilson, yours truly
Bottom from left: Sister Wilson, Sister Maybury, Elder Clark, Sister Davis, and Elder Newbold

I am going to miss the people of the Hazleton branch, but I am very anxious to see where the Spirit calls me next!

I hope you are all doing well back home and are enjoying the mudslide causing rain! it's going to getting warm with close to 40 at the end of the week! 

Elder Barker

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