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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Email from 5/30/14

Hey Dad,

I hope you have a fun time on the cruise and don't get too burnt. 
So I am now in Philly, North Philly, according to most people the worst place in Philly haha so I love it! Our address 3311 Kip St. Philadelphia, PA 19134 feel free to look on google earth and see where we live haha. Our apartment isn't bad at all except we have a serious roach infestation (having an exterminator come tomorrow) and we also had a gas leak. The first thing I smelled when I walked in was gas and we finally called yesterday and we found out that we had 3 leaks in our basement so they turned our gas off which means no cooking or hot water so that's fun. 

I did see a post from Amber about the yearbook thing and I thought that was pretty hilarious haha oh and I heard that it was Spurs-Heat again this year. Being in Philly I still hear things haha. Oh one funny thing happened, we were at the church and helping clean up from an event and a couple missionaries and my comp told me to moon-walk real quick so I did and a member saw and was like, "was that a moon-walk?" And we had a short popping battle haha it was a lot fun
And that's a nice area to move from that would be good. Oh and question do I get the Camry when I come back? Haha

Philly is a lot different than my last couple areas but isn't too different than LA but still is a lot different. We use the bus and subway a lot so hopefully I can learn the routes fairly quickly. This week was kind of a blur and not much happened. We don't get too many lessons and most of our time is on the bus. Most travel times from one point to another take at least 30 minutes and people have been pretty flaky with keeping appointments so we will sometimes travel 45 minutes only for them to not be there and it can get a bit frustrating but I'm loving it here in the city. We don't get fed much and we walk a lot so I plan to lose some weight haha with that could you ask Steve what slacks are good for walking because suit pants aren't exactly great to be sweating in but the croft&barrow ones I have I wore in winter because they're a lot thicker. Oh also I have 2 of the 3 suit pants because the zipper on one of them is broken so I can't wear it. But there's lots of interesting things that happen here but I am so tired of seeing women and girls dressed with barely anything, it's terrible here and with summer coming i have no idea how it's gonna be. 

Anyway a great thing happened on Saturday, an investigator who immigrated from China in 2011/12 accepted an invitation to be baptized and before meeting the missionaries she was always told there was no God since she lived in China. Im excited to work with her some more:)

Well I don't really know what else to say this day has been hectic and crazy but I've been able to talk to a lot of people and lots of people come up to us but a lot of times it's to disagree with something but we handle it pretty well I think. Well I hope everyone is doing great and Abby says Congrats on getting married Dad! 
I love you Dad

Elder Barker

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