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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Email from June 23, 2014

Hey Dad,
This was a good week and a really good week for this area numbers wise. So last Monday evening we went to a FHE, like we do every week, at an interesting member's home. A couple of new people were there, a woman who was baptized a few years ago but stopped coming and her husband a Messianic Jew (a Jew who believes Jesus is he Messiah). We had a good discussion about a lot of things. He was very friendly and wasn't contentious at all and seemed to be intrigued about the Book of Mormon and what it talks about. They should be there today:)
 Tuesday we saw a less active family — the Laytons, the Browns, and the Claytons, it's a confusing family tree. We went over the Plan of Salvation and they need to learn it because they didn't know why Jesus was important other than he was a good teacher. That house is crazy and stressful to teach in. Later that day while we were about to have dinner the Sisters called us and asked if we could come change their tire for them. So we got on the bus and went and helped them out. 
Thursday we interviews with President and it went well, apparently he made some cool comments to my companion about me though so that's awesome. 
Friday we had another lesson with the Layton/Brown family... That house is awful and it's full of kids with parents that don't know how to control them. We asked one of their kids if they would be nice and be quiet while we showed a video of Jesus and she said no and started yelling and jumping.
Saturday was better we went and played football in the morning, my athletic ability is very poor but I was able to hang with everyone and score some touchdowns so that's good. Later we went to a ward activity and our investigator Roni came with us. There was a lot of BBQ so it was great. Afterwards we had a lesson with our neighbor named Dante, he is 13. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and about baptism and he said that he wanted to be baptized in the past and I asked if he would (with his mothers permission) like to be baptized by August 10. He said a prayer at the end and I showed him how to pray because he was used to only saying wrote prayers. After he finished he said he feels like that's the day God wants him to be baptized on. It was a good lesson.
Sunday we had another lesson with Dante. We are going to read with him every night from he Book of Mormon. We read the intro and he had some cool questions. We'll see where that goes:) 

I'm glad everything is starting to settle. 
Elder Barker

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