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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Email from 6/30/14

Hey Dad,
So I am currently writing this in a laundromat and they have the tv show Maury and it's pretty annoying but the people on it are just like everyone here in North Philly haha. However I will try and write of my week. Nothing exciting or pressing happened except for a couple of small moments
On Wednesday, we were able to meet our investigator from China, Roni, and we went over the Plan of Salvation again with the Durhams — brother Durham served his mission around China and can speak Mandarin — and we talked about the Plan of Salvation again with her. She was able to understand a lot more and seemed to enjoy it.
Thursday we went out with a RM who served here a couple years ago. Simi Moala from Tonga. It was great he gave us some tips on what helped him in the area (he served in our area for 11 months) and he knew people that we were meeting with as well. It was a lot of fun and he's gonna come play football with us on Saturday as well as the APs and one of them was a LB at the University of Hawaii. It shall be fun.
Saturday we played football and it was a lot of fun I had a lot of touchdowns and a couple of pick-sixes so if you saw me on ESPN that's why haha. I got pretty beat up from it though and walking was a bit hard for the rest of the day haha but it was a lot of fun.
Sunday was a good day. Roni was able to come to church and that was just so awesome seeing her there I was 
so happy, so far one of the best things as a missionary is seeing someone you've been working with come to church. There was also a couple of less active families we've been working with that came as well I was so happy! 
On a separate note I'm going to be in the birthplace of the country for 4th of July! That's pretty cool I'm excited:) 
I love you!
Elder Barker

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