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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Email from 7/28/14

Hey Dad,
Wow I can't believe Bishop has been released, he was a really good bishop and I've realized how great of one he was even more being on my mission with working with other Bishops. How was Bishop McKee? Was he shocked? Especially since being in the bishopric haha. Who are his counselors? The house seems really cool and the elders here were all like, "soo in a year we're going to show up at your place..." Haha but I'm supportive of it it's not a big change, but does that mean we'll be in Norco now? No bueno haha kidding. 
So my week wasn't as stressful as last week but we were both still pretty drained from hitting our lesson goal last week. 
On Thursday we got a call from an old referral that we had tried to get in contact with. His name is Derreck and he lives in a men's homeless shelter and we set up a time to visit him. Later in the day we went to an appointment with someone named Susan. She is just stretched very thin and feels she should church on the back burner. I've never been a situation like that but I hope and pray that if I do come to a point where my life is full of stress that I rely even more heavily on God because that's the only way I'd be able to get through it in one piece.
Then Saturday, like a lot of days lately, it was pouring rain but still played football in the morning i got soaked. We then got to go to our appointment with Derreck Wallace and he is just this very big, very ripped, humble man that seems to be trying to change his life for the better. We were able to go through the message of the Restoration of the Gospel and he accepted to be baptized if he finds it to be true! He really seems to have a sincere desire to find the path God wants him to take. Then later we were walking and a woman stopped us and it turns out her husband died in January and she is still very broken about it. We talked to her the little that we could get in about the Plan of Salvation and Gods plan for the families. We are going to be seeing her tonight actually and I sent her the talk from President Monson, "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." 
Well I have to leave in a couple of minutes now but I hope you are doing well!
Elder Barker

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