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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Email from 7/21/14

Hey Dad,
Sorry this may be another short one I don't have much time, we got to the church to use wifi and then everyone wanted to go play basketball at a park (there were some guys there and after the first game asked if I played college ball haha).
Anyway, I am excited about the house I know this is stressful but no matter where it is I'll be happy with it so don't worry about me. Just be prayerful and allow your mind to relax so the spirit can be heard by you — I know it's easier said than done but try to. 
So this week we passed a mark that our Zone leaders didn't think we could hit. We told them we'd get 30 lessons this week and they said to aim lower. So we got 31 instead. This week has been so stressful though, we feel satan really didn't want us to hit that mark especially since in the recent pass this area was only getting 1/3 of that. I was so exhausted last night. To top it all off, as you know, my wallet got stolen along with my name tag. Which is really annoying and will cost me money to get a new card and then I had to use $40 from my birthday money to get new bus passes, luckily I had saved some. I was really annoyed. But Sunday night as we were going home after our lesson I just said to my comp "we got it" haha. 
This past week started with thunderstorms like crazy, streets were flooded from the rain and lightning was flashing all over us. The highlight of the week though was on Sunday seeing a former less active member we've worked with pass the sacrament and speak in sacrament meeting. It was so great and he talked about his conversion story (he was Catholic before), it was amazing. I love those moments so much.
I'm sorry I can't tell more of the week:( but I hope you are all doing well and I pray for you every day.
I love you
Elder Barker

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