Josh's current address is 51 N 2nd St. Apt 310 Stroudsburg, PA 18360. Packages and letters will be safer going to the mission home. The mission home address is 721 Paxon Hollow Road Ste. B, Broomall, PA 19008. Keep in mind that there will be a delay because it take some time to get packages and letters from the mission home to Josh.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Email from 9/29/14

Hey Dad,

So yes, the belt came. For the sweatshirt, I'd like a volleyball one and you can send it to either the same address you sent the belt or the the mission home. I am staying for another 6 weeks, in fact Elder Cooley is already at the mission home since he's going home. 

 For the leadership, I still haven't had a call from president so unless they surprise me at transfers I am still a regular proselyting missionary.

Anyway, that's really great about your new calling that should be a lot of fun! As a missionary I've been a gospel principles teacher in 2 out of my 3 areas. Just have a discussion, not a lecture, and you'll do great! I'm sure you know that already but it is hard to listen when someone in priesthood or Sunday school just talks, just be personable:) that's too bad that you do t have that voicemail anymore, I'm really upset about itSmiling Face with Horns for Nathan, do you think you could ask him to send me an email or letter about why he may, or may not, want to serve a mission. Like what his real feelings are, not what he thinks I want to hear. I will be very prayerful in my answer, because despite all of the negative and, quite honestly, depressing things that have happened on my mission, I do not doubt or regret one bit of coming out here and serving, and I hope he sees that. 

That's crazy that Jordan is almost done!  

Brandon got confirmed yesterday! It was great he was so happy to have the Holy Ghost now. Elder Cooley had a great way to end his mission I'd say. Sorry I'm a little scattered brained, we were playing ball and a bunch of guys came in off the street. A lot were high and it was getting hard to control. I kinda wrecked them all, not to be prideful but they were all talking about the white boy so I just didn't miss haha. We had to kick them all out though. It was not good, the spirit was completely gone. But anyway, Brandon is great! I'm happy it's been great working with him and I am so excited for general conference!! I am stoked! I hope you take notes haha.

Well I love you Dad,
Elder Barker

Ps I am super nervous about getting my new companion. Pray for me and him to get along.

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