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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Email from 9/22/14

Hey Dad, 
So no I did not get the belt, did you send it to the new address?
So there are two things I wanna talk about. 
First off Brandon got baptized!! It was great and much needed. He is sooo happy to, as he says, "be clean in the eyes of God." I would talk more about it but honestly I am exhausted and I am trying hard to stay awake. Sufficeth to put a screenshot of what he posted on Facebook about it. 

This is Elder Cooley's last week. Because he is about to die ["die" in Missionary Speak means that a missionary is about to finish his mission and return home] I encouraged Brandon to have Elder Cooley baptize him and i think that was the right decision. 
The other thing is we had interviews with President and we talked about some of the things that have happened during my mission and he told me that he's proud of me for how I've dealt with the things that have happened. He also told me that I'm going to be called to lead in the mission. I asked him for a blessing because I haven't had one since I got one from you the day before I went to the MTC and in it he told me that leadership positions will come to me in the mission from here on out. I'm pretty nervous about it especially since everyone thinks I'm going to train and possibly be district leader as well. Hopefully not haha. Well I'm sorry it's so short but I gotta go. I love you 
Elder Barker

Ps. Could you send me one of my sweatshirts from high school? Either basketball or volleyball, preferably volleyball. Thank you!

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