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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Email from 9/15/14

Hey Dad,
This week we only got 15 lessons but we both felt a lot better about it than the week when we got 31. A lot of it I think has to do with Brandon and the quality of lessons we have had with him. 

We were able to have him in a lot of members home this week and we have another set up for tonight. On Tuesday we were able to go to the Wasco's with him and we talked about the Ten Commandments and following the prophet and we watched a Mormon message called "Dare To Stand Alone" where President Monson talks about his experience with the Navy, Brandon loved it especially since he's in the Navy. 

Wednesday we met with Chris S. again and he told us that he wants to meet with us more but he wants to go to Catholic Church because it's less commitment to live. Elder Cooley and I were just like, "really?" At least he's honest but I can't believe he wants to just go to there because he doesn't have to give up certain aspects of his life style. It's really frustrating but we're doing our part the best we know how and that's all we can do. 

Wednesday night though we were able to meet with Brandon at another members house and we taught the Law of Chastity and Elder Cooley being the home schooled kid from Rexburg was just funny seeing him teach it haha. 

Thursday another member invited us over to teach Brandon so we went over the Word of Wisdom. He already knew it because he read a lot on and he loves it. 

Friday we had a conference with Elder Anderson in the Seventy it was great and I took plenty of notes. I loved it:) I would talk more about it in detail but I don't have much time sorry:/ 

Sunday we had another lesson with Brandon at the Wasco's and he helped teach! It was really cool we are going to bring him teaching with us:) I'm very excited for his baptism it is this Sunday!

Well I gotta go but I hope you are doing well

Elder Barker

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