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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 3rd email

Hey Dad,
That's awesome about Nate I really wish I could watch him play. I still know I'd beat him one on one but I mean... Still. How's the rest of the league look? He should go out for volleyball after this season. From my understanding they're not too hot and I'm sure Elvik would love to have another Barker (I mean I'm like a legend there). I like the idea of me flying into California more haha. 
Well this week was quite slow. My companions foot has been hurting so our mission presidents wife told us to stay inside. So New Year's Eve we stayed inside and read the Book of Mormon. I probably should have wrote in my journal because I'm pretty behind. But I am in Ether 13. I plan on finishing the Book of Mormon this week. I just finished it in September and I started again in mid November and I love the Book of Mormon so much. I plan to do my best and to read it completely twice a year after my mission:) there is just so much that can be applied to us, in each chapter there is an application. Mormon and Ether just so sad. You can feel Moroni's pain as you read and it just wrenches my heart I can not imagine going through what he went through. We went to our branch presidents house and they got us all super hero shirts. 
Sunday we had a busy night planned but the busses were being weird so we couldn't go to the area we had planned. when we found that out, someone who just got baptized a couple weeks ago, texted us and asked us if we could come over and give him a blessing. He lived in walking distance and there was someone shot in his backyard and it really scared him. He asked me to do the blessing and he said afterwards that he felt so much better. So even though we weren't able to get all the lessons we had wanted but we were able to really help this man feel comforted. 
I'm very grateful for the Priesthood and the power God entrusts us with. I have seen many miracles through it.
Love you Dad
Elder Barker

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