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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Email from 1/13/15

Hey Dad,

I'm sorry about the cold it's been pretty cold here, thankfully I'm not in my first area (it had a windchill of -17° one day last week). Well this area on paper honestly stunk haha. I've had the worst numbers I've had on a mission here. It's quite frustrating really. I've been able to improve the numbers In all my areas but this one so far. I'm trying to work hard to overcome that. But some great things have happened as well. For instance, we were able to go on exchange and I was able to have a car on the coldest day of the winter so far and was able to go with an elder who goes home in a couple months and we were able to have really good discussions. We had very powerful lessons with people and he was surprised by how many people we were able to meet with. The morning after I read from Ether 13 to Moroni 10. I love the Book of Mormon so much and as I read I was able to feel as if I was there with Ether as he witnessed the sorrow he saw as his people became destroyed. I was there with Moroni as he wrote his dying testimony to the world. I was there as he wrote of the comfort of coming into Christ and as he urged us all to remember how merciful the Lord has been to us all. I have said it many times on my mission, the Book of Mormon, more than anything else, has shown me the love of God for me. I am running out of time and I had so much more typed but my iPad didn't save it. But Dad, the Book of Mormon has helped me overcome every trial I have gone through so far and I know it will in the future as well. Continue to cherish its teachings. There lies happiness in its words.
I love you Dad.
Elder Barker

Ps. Two things to look up. It's kinda like John bytheway. 
"Conversion of a Catholic" by Bill Carpenter so good he was a catholic seminary student
"Meaning of the Atonement" by Kleon Skousen
If possible I'd love to get a copy of the latter.


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