Josh's current address is 51 N 2nd St. Apt 310 Stroudsburg, PA 18360. Packages and letters will be safer going to the mission home. The mission home address is 721 Paxon Hollow Road Ste. B, Broomall, PA 19008. Keep in mind that there will be a delay because it take some time to get packages and letters from the mission home to Josh.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Email from Friday, September 7, 2013

Here's a copy of Josh's email to our dad.  We received this Friday night (9/7/13).  He already sounds like a grown up!

Hey Dad! The first day we went right into MTC life it was busy, but it was good as well. I am praying more than I ever have before, as well as reading the scriptures.  It's very busy-every minute we are studying the gospel. The only times we are not are when we are sleeping or eating, and even then during meals we are going over lessons that we were taught, or how the lessons that we taught went.  I do not have much time on here. As soon as we are done, it is back to doctrinal study, I believe. I got the packages today, but have not opened them yet. Tell Amanda I said thank you for the cupcakes- they look delicious! They are feeding me quite well, and even though you all may laugh and not believe this, but each meal I am getting my fruits and veggies in! They feed us pretty well, but it is not exactly healthy just like everyone told me. But I am not going to get fat! I'm waking up 30 minutes early every morning to workout.  That reminds me, we had our first gym time today (we only get to be in the gym a couple times each week) and I was doing pretty good in basketball. I hit a few guys with the shammgod (ask nathan, he will know what it means), I did tweak my knee a bit, but it should be fine. I am doing well and trying to become a better servant of the Lord. I know I am in the right place. Keep the prayers coming! I am sure they will help me while on my mission. I love you all!

Elder Barker

P.S. my P-day is on Wednesday and I will have more time to tell you what is going on exactly then.

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