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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Email to Amber 9/23/13

I sent a lot of things to dad but the mtc was crazy i still can't believe it was only 12 days because i swear that it was forever!! well the first week at least haha.  i was in information overload and it seems like it was a huge blur! it was BYU-Idaho again but with an even more strict dress code which i didn't think was possible!! haha it was good though.

 my zone that i was with was really cool we had a 6'8 british guy and when the new missionaries came we all begged him to say welcome to hogwarts to them and i said to go up to a ginger and say, "RON!!!!" ahhaha he didn't however:( so sad. i took a good amount pictures with my zone and district i just have to remember to bring my camera with me next week to send them.  

this town is pretty ghetto but not like gang bang ghetto just like drug ghetto. i was really looking forward to some "beat to teach" which is when you play basketball and if you win you teach them the restoration but there's no basketball here sadly plus its getting cold anyways. one of the APs  was doing a beat to teach in north philly a few month back and he told us that he heard a gun go off and then he heard the "whizz" of the bullet go past his ear and it hit the wall behind them!!!!:O i was sooo hoping to go there after that story! jk i am not stupid but i was hoping to go to the city but this is just my first area:) i see a lot of potential here and elder parker and i are going to uncover it! 

tell daisy that i loved her drawings and thank you for the pictures:) i miss everyone! oh btw! i was wearing my alterra shirt in the mtc and there was a guy there wearing the same one but more faded. he is 23 and is just leaving and said his older brother is team leader i forgot his name though!! he is going to eugene oregon i wanna say his name was holt but i think thats wrong. thanks for all the packages and tell everyone to keep the letters coming because elder parkers gf is sending him so much stuff i feel left out:( hahaha jk but in all seriousness i really appreciate the letters and packages that you and everyone has sent:) if you see aunt michelle tell here i say thank you for the candy:)

I love you guys
Elder Josh Barker

ps could you get jordans address for me and send it? i need to write him

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