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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Email from 11/20/14

Hey Dad,

I did not get transferred but Elder Parker will be so we are driving down to Broomall Wednesday for the transfer meetings. I did get the wallet and with the gift cards it is a really nice wallet and tell her I say thank you.  I have facebook but it is for only missionary work so i cannot contact people from home unless given permission from President.

As far as the scripture reading goes... that is the classic reason [I have no time, I get busy, I forget] we hear every time from investigators that we eventually drop. Ask Steve or Mitch haha 

I really miss Daisy and Emmy were there pictures taken at California Adventure?  If so I would like some haha. We will not get any baptisms this month but we have a date for Mario on March 8 but we could make it on March 1 I believe, and hopefully we can have at least one more in March as well. 

This week was interesting haha. Monday we had a Birthday bash for Elder Parker & Newbold (who is staying in Hazleton) and we played basketball on some outside courts, it was a warm 40 so it was nice:) 
Tuesday we had the soul kitchen again in Hazleton and one of the ladies there brought Elder Newbold a Spanish Boyz ll Men CD i wanted to listen to it so bad but of course i did not and neither did he but it is weird going into stores and hearing music like this morning I heard "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 and I tried really hard to not listen or watch ESPN which was on in the place as well (a member took us out to lunch).  Thursday we went on exchanges and i went to Pottsville and we visited someone who was getting baptizedon Saturday to interview her. Turns out... that she was the only one home and we did not have an adult male with us -- which is not allowed -- and the elder i was with just kept doing small talk until I initiated the interview.. she did get baptized though so that was good. 

On Friday we went to Sandy's house to give her and her now husband a blessing because they were getting married the next day and both were feeling a little under the weather. Saturday was awesome it the wedding of Sandy and Zane (who got baptized in October). It was held in the Lehighton building and because they are both converts, there was not too many members there. They asked me to say the opening prayer, Elder Leavitt to read a couple scriptures, and for Elder Parker & Newbold to sing "Love Is Spoken Here" and it went really well. We went to the reception after and talked to people there, since that was why they invited us haha, once again it was really weird hearing music but it was fun I had some Ziti pasta and salad it was good. It is a lot easier to eat new things when you are a missionary haha of course I am in the US though so that helps as well.  Sunday at church Mario came again:) and Brother Nunemacher came for the first time in years! It was awesome seeing him there. I taught the English Gospel Principles class and i feel it went really well. 

This week we also set up the "Tamaqua Tyranical Titan Wall of Tirade" which totally makes sense grammatically haha. Basically we put up pictures of memories and awesome Star Wars stuff that we did. 
I am going to try and start a scripture/hymn/quote of the week and this week is "I Need Thee Every Hour."  I love this song it hit me pretty hard in church when singing it, especially the 2nd verse which I believe goes like: "I need thee every hour, stand thou nearby.  Temptations lose their power when thou art nigh..." We need to surround ourselves with good things for Satan to not have power over us. I have seen this so much, ever since leaving on my mission Satan has tried so much harder on me, especially mentally but if i sing a hymn or pray it is so much easier to stay away from situations or thoughts that come up.

I love you all and hope you are doing well:)
Elder Barker

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