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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Email from 1/13/14

Hey Dad,
sorry about last week I don't know what happened.
I don't really have a whole lot of time to fill you in on last week but nothing too exciting happened that I can remember other than tracting in a snowstorm.
This week the Hazleton Elders had a baptism and Elder Parker performed it, it took us all by surprise. 
Monday: Elder Parker and I went to go see a man that I tracted into with our DL, named Bill McCoy aka the Real McCoy (I have no idea what that is a reference to). This man may be the most interesting man in the world. He once was a multi millionaire and now lives very modestly and honestly i would take up my whole pday if i told you about him. He won the international salesman award in Europe a couple of times and I could tell that he was looking at which way I looked and examining our speech patterns and everything, he even told us he was and that he liked what he sees haha. Awesome guy. He wants to set up a seminar type thing for us to speak to the youth here about faith and Christ and how it has helped us stay away from trouble. He is going to introduce us to a lot of local leaders here from different organizations to discuss how we can help out in the community. He basically told us that he prayed us here when Elder Clark and I met him the first time. 
Tuesday: We met with Brother McFarland to talk about the priesthood because he is advancing to Priest and it went very well. He actually advanced yesterday and Elder Parker and I were in the circle.
Wednesday we met with Dezyrai and talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost. She loves coming to church and Sister Mousseau -- who Dezyrai has really taken to -- would like to see her be baptized soon so hopefully by February 15?  
Thursday we saw Brother Nunemacher and had another awesome lesson. We asked him what we can do to help him get to church. He told us that you've done a lot and it is all up to him to come. I don't know if we can do anything new but just visit with him from time to time. After we saw Brother Hyland and he was so happy for food that was delivered to him from the Bishop's storehouse, it filled their fridge perfectly. He seems to be doing a lot better and has been consistently coming to church for about a month and a half. He was unable to go yesterday because he had to go to the hospital. We went there last night and gave him a blessing .
Friday: we painted over where the hole used to be in the wall.
Saturday  was Fabio's baptism and Mario and Brother Nunemacher came! it was awesome to see them both there. Later that day we went to go see Kenny & Lissette and just testified of this gospel and the book of mormon. It was really spiritual and i told them of some of the trials i went through before leaving on my mission and how this gospel helped me and is helping me. We both had them in tears and they invited us over next sunday for dinner and that we would see them at Church.
Sunday: Mario showed up to church and sat with Zane and Sandy as well as Elder Parker since i was blessing.  Kenny and Lissette did not show up again... It was really disappointing; if i were to compare it to sports it was like you being tied and you get fouled at the buzzer and all you have to do is make 1 out of 2 free throws and you win... then your teammate misses them both so you have to go to overtime. Mario loved church though and we were able to get a date for him to be baptized on March 8! I'm super excited for him:)

We get transfer calls friday night so we find out who is leaving. I will probably be staying honestly but who knows.  
Nathan starts league in 2 days! That's crazy. Elder Parker and I miss high school ball so much. we might get to play today because the YMCA is free this week:)

Hope you are all doing well. I love you!
Elder Barker

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