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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Email from 1/27/14

Hey Dad,

This week has been a little bit more difficult but it ended on a better note i think. Elder Parker and I honestly checked out a little in the beginning of the week mostly because he had to pack all of Tuesday since he slept on p-day. Then Wednesday we were walking out the door to go to transfers but then we got a text saying a lot of main roads are closed due to snow so transfers got pushed toThursday. He had everything he owned packed so we both weren't too productive. On Monday we did get to talk to Mario however, he took us out to dinner and we immediately felt bad because he told us the reason he has money was because he recently got a loan... I hope he wises up with his money soon.

Thursday I met my new companion his name is Elder Hansen from west of Provo. Friday we met with Brother Nunemacher and Brother Hyland and introduced them to Elder Hansen. Brother Nunemacher is in Alma right now in the middle of the war stories of the Book of Mormon. With Brother Hyland we talked about the Priesthood and the duties thereof. We also went to the local Salvation Army and the community arts center to volunteer and we are going to the salvation army again today to talk with their colonel. Saturday we saw John Boyle and talked about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. The Spirit was there and it was really cool when we went over the First Vision. We also saw Brother Heffelfinger (1st counselor) he hasn't been to church in a few months and is technically less active so we wanted to see how he is doing. We shared a spiritual thought on Church Pray Read (CPR) and how it can bless his life. Sunday Elder Hansen and Elder Cowley (Elder Newbold's new comp) spoke and they both found out on Thursday that they were haha. They both did a good job and the spirit in that room was really strong. possibly my favorite though was Bryan Tejeda's. He is 13 years old and i think he was the first youth speaker in the time that i have been here. He was incredibly nervous and didn't look up once, and even though his talk may have been less than 2 minutes the Spirit and faith that that young man had was amazing and it really touched me. That night we got to go tract for some time so much fun not really but it wasn't bad, we ran into some really nice people. BUT DAD! 

We started talking to this man who is in the Air Force and has been for some time and continues to be. I asked him if he knew Boeing and he said of course. I told him that you help with the C-17s and he said, "I was about to say we need more C-17s out there. Best cargo plane there is" I thought you would really like that, people really appreciate the work you and your colleagues do and it is saving lives!

That's too bad about Nate's team but he seems to be doing awesome! 18 and 10? what is he averaging because those are star power forward numbers and he is 2,3 i assume.  Thank you for your thoughts on the mission. I am sure Brother Hull will be appreciative of them. I did not do too well on finding a scripture for the week but there was one this morning that stuck out to me about missionary work and patience.. I believe it is Alma 26:27 and it talks about if we bear with patience the Lord will bless us with success. I love you all and I hope you are all doing great! Tell Andrea I say hi.

Elder Barker

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