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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Josh's email from 4/28/14

Hey Dad!

So yes I got the packages! Thank you I was very happy especially with my space jam pillow case I got pretty excited not going to lie haha. As far as my birthday goes I would love to have a photo album and... Cash. I can't really think of much else. 

So this week my companion has been very sick so we couldn't do as much as the week before. 
Wednesday we were able to have a few lessons and one of them was with a lady we had been teaching for a bit, her name was Jeannie Dean and is cousins with Michael Dean who goes out with us all the time. She was baptized when she was younger but then went to a Pentecostal church. Anyway, last week we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she told us Wednesday that something clicked for her opinion that lesson that the Book of Mormon really was true and she said she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that this is the true church. That was great to hear that from her to have her testimony be rekindled even a bit. On Saturday however, we found out that she died from overdose. That was a shock to us and especially Michael and his mom since she was living with them. We went over there on Saturday with his home teacher and gave him a blessing. He is doing a lot better but a lot of times it can change from day to day. He is an awesome guy and he just really wants to go on his mission, he will be 25 when he goes and it is so great to see the desire he has to serve The Lord because many people I know his age are often married but he is putting all of that on hold because he knows it is from missionary work that he and his family are apart of the church and he will help others do the same. He has such great faith. 

Jackie was out of town this week and so was unable to be interviewed for her baptism so she will be getting baptized May 3rd! We met with her Saturday night and she had read her scriptures while she was gone and took notes on what stood out to her and what she got from it (she's reading in 2 Nephi where it compares Isaiah). She was so excited to tell us what she learned it was great! We asked her the questions for the interview to be baptized and she basically bore her testimony to us after and it was so great it made me so happy she was just beaming. She is trying to get all of her family down to see her baptism and confirmation. 

So I want to tell you a bit about my studies this morning, I read Alma 46-48 and I must say Captain Moroni is just a Man haha. I always heard stories about him in church and seminary but I personally never studied intently that part in the Book of Mormon. He was always so humble despite his many gifts and intelligence, he always knew the real reasons for their battles; their wives, their children, their freedom, their God. There was a point after he did his "Title of Liberty" speech that I felt so pumped up as if I was about to play a game in high school. I realized though that Captain Moroni reminded me of you, my dad. He did everything he could to prepare his people to go against the Lamanites temporally and spiritually, just like how you did with all of us kids. You provided such great protection to help us be in the world but not of the world and you always had us be well off physically, we always had what we needed. Looking back I was raised in the exact type of home I want to raise my kids in, and I thank you for that Dad. You are a fantastic father and are definitely "da man!" 
I love you Dad! Please know that we are all happy for you with this step you are taking.

Elder Barker

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