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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Email from 11/17/14

Hey Dad,

So yes the Fletcher's are married and they just love missionaries and usually take some to transfers so they don't have to use miles in the mission car. It was nice seeing them. Yeah so at transfers we meet in the cultural hall and the people leaving are on one side and those staying on the other. They show the area and the elder/sister who's staying and then show their new companion and they meet in the middle and just give a big hug haha. I was going to moonwalk to the middle last time but I forgot:/ next time haha. I am excited for Nate and I have a couple gifts for him I think he'll really enjoy. Shoot I want to keep them for myself haha. How's Nate doing in Seminary? Is he reading his scriptures every day like he's supposed to? A promise given to us when I was in college by the president was if we did our religion homework first, we'd have more than enough time for our other classes. The same principle applies for seminary. 
I will tell you the razor I have. And could I have a wallet haha. For Christmas I only have skype and FaceTime, I don't have a Google+ account. Myldsmail works through gmail so that might work but I won't be able to use my iPad then. We'll see if members have us over. 
So I am in Smyrna Delaware, my address is 1205 Providence Dr Smyrna Delaware. It is a small town a lot like North East MD. Definitely a big change from Philly, but I am with Elder Issertell, we were in the MTC at the same time so it's kinda cool. We were talking about the MTC and it hit us that it didn't seem long ago at all and that we're closer to going home than when we left the MTC. Kinda freaked us out a bit. 
Members here seem to like us so far, from what I'm told they already like me a lot better than the last elder haha. Our meal calendar is filled up for the next 2 weeks! I'm gonna need to work out a lot more. I am in a car area again it'll be nice not waiting for buses in the snow. We play volleyball every Saturday and it was fun no one really knew how to play but it was just fun we had like 8 on 7 games going. 
It was a bit of a blur just trying to know the area but I'm very excited to be here

I love you Dad
Elder Barker

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