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Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter from 10/20/14

Hey Dad,

Yes send that sweatshirt and for the card send it to the mission home it'd be safer. The Tucker address is good. 
So this week was pretty uneventful, I've been sick but not enough to keep me from going out so that's good, but with the weather getting colder quite quickly it is more annoying. SEPTA (public transportation) seems to be getting less and less reliable because this last Tuesday it took us over 2 HOURS to get home from a dinner appointment. We left it at 7 and got home close to 9:30 pm. While we were waiting for one bus (we got to the stop 3 minutes early but it got there 5 minutes early so we barely missed it. Then the next bus was supposed to get there 30 minutes later, but it ended up being 20 minutes late... So we were waiting on a street corner in north Philly for an hour... We saw a lot of interesting things and had a lot of interesting conversations. One man we talked to was from Nigeria who came to America about 6 months ago. He had seen missionaries over in Africa and wanted to know why we are all dressed the same. Another guy tried to teach Elder Olsen a little in how to fight and stick up for himself he was a funny guy. 
Brandon on Sunday was able to bless the sacrament but we got to church late because the bus was a half hour late! So we missed sacrament... Yeah not the best thing to happen. But Annie and her son came and the Layton/Brown family as well! It was awesome seeing them all I feel they are starting to take church seriously now! I hope so it has been very frustrating working with them for over 3 transfers and they are finally starting to come around. Brandon also read the whole Book of Mormon! He started late August and just finished on Friday! He's on fireFireFire.

Well I hope you're doing well
Elder Barker 

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