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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Email from 11/24/14

Hey Dad,
So I am currently typing this email in the school library where the movie "Dead Poets Society" was filmed, be jealous haha kidding. The campus is huge and we got to play basketball for a little bit and then hit the gym, first time i have been in a gym in a looonnngg time and i miss it. Anyway, none of that is important, so on to my week.
So the week prior to this last one, we had set up about 26 appointments for this week that just passed so we were pretty stoked about all of the teaching appointments we were going to get and on top of that every single day we were getting fed by members so it was going to be an awesome week!! Not so... almost every single one of those appointments got canceled or just didn't show up; it was so frustrating and really disheartening. I know it was just a mission trial but stuff like that really knocks the wind out of your sails. I think we got less than 50% of the lessons we had possible at the beginning of the week and Elder Issertell and I had to scramble and look for a lot of potential and former investigators to just go knock on but it really burns up miles and this area is quite big.
there is a some good news though, we got a new ward mission leader and he is on fire! The old one was not very good, but he was old and had some health concerns and so he wasnt able to do his duties. This ward is difficult. The people with bigger callings are all very "do it their own way" and stubborn even though their ways don't always line up with church policy. We have had to pull out the handbook on them. They also do not know how to bring back less-active members. They are very over bearing and honestly condemning but they all seem to love me so far so hopefully and i can influence them for good. 
So I know 2 reasons of why I was sent here. One, so in interviews with President this week, President told my companion (current district leader) that i am going to be the new district leader after he leaves... yay...
Reason #2 there is a less-active member named Jessica here and she has been having it rough. Basically everything our family has gone through and some stuff that I have gone through the past couple of years. Well in our stop bys and phone calls with her i have been able to open up to her and tell her what has gotten our family and myself through everything. Saturday night I told her how much church and especially the sacrament has helped me receive the strength and comfort that I have needed and she came! At the end of sacrament meeting she told me that she feels happy and she hasn't in months and so she decided to stay for sunday school as well, but the members made her feel uncomfortable so she left. but she is going to keep coming to sacrament meeting. It was great to see someone really take a leap in the right direction. I've only been here for 2 weeks but I know helping her is one of the reasons why the Spirit called me here. 
In conclusion, this week was very long and very hard, but Jessica coming to church really helped.

Well I hope to hear from you today and i will try and send another note later about what you send.
I love you Dad,
Elder Barker

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