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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Email from 12/1/14

Hey Dad,

So thank you what you said definitely helped I really appreciate it. So with the razor I will take a picture of my razor and send it today. But it is a Philips I believe. With the call, I heard that with FaceTime you can do 3 way calls for free? Steve might know more about it, but you can check that out. And okay I won't open a package if I get it before Christmas haha.
So this week was pretty hard again. Holidays always make lessons slow down that week. For Thanksgiving we went to the Hengst's home for dinner. They had a lot of family there (which took us for surprise since they didn't say there would be) and we got to have a good time:) Sister Hengst definitely loves to talk though haha. After wards we we went to another home and they gave us dessert. I could barely finish it all. Then we went to another home but they were watching the Eagles game and nothing else haha. 
The week had a lot of hard things happen though. On Sunday though we had 2 less active people come:) one was Jessica the less active who has gone through some hard things recently. The other was someone we just stopped by a couple weeks ago and never really got a chance to talk to him. We didn't even know who he was at first. Jessica loves sacrament meeting though. She likes how she feels in it which is so good to hear because the sacrament is what has really kept me going through everything. I am so grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to take the sacrament every week and renew the Spirit in my life. There have been many days where I know that I wasn't able to work like we did on my own and that I had had divine help. The sacrament definitely keeps us going spiritually, mentally, and physically. 
I hope everything is going well
I really enjoyed the clips of Nate he's doing awesome!
Elder Barker

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