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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Email from 12/15/14

Hey Dad, 
So my email isn't loading (again, my email has been acting up for a
really long time) so I am just going to type an email and hope my
email loads later. 
So I am getting transferred and I am really upset about it. I've only
been here for 5 weeks and I've helped get members to like us a lot
more than the previous elder because he ticked a lot of people off. I
was only here for 5 weeks and was really looking forward to having
Christmas here because we had so many members invite us over for
breakfast, lunches, and dinner as well as skyping. So I have no idea
what I am going to do for skyping home right now. Elder Issertell and
I are both really upset about this. We've been the first companions
we've had for awhile that we like and this is his 5th "one and done"
transfer with a companion in a row and my 5th since my trainer. I'm
pretty stressed out about this but the assistants said that I'm going
to love my new area, so hopefully that means I'm not going back up
north for another winter because I was happy about being south for
this one since last winter was really rough. 
Anyway, this week not much happened. We had our Christmas party on
Friday even though no one we invited showed up it was fun and we found
out that we were going to narrate the Christmas program that was put
The party and Transfers are pretty much all that happened. Everyone
was really surprised I was leaving. Oh a member bought me a Christmas
present and I will be sending it home soon because it's a DVD haha.
Well... That's all folks haha. If my email loads I'll try and respond
to yours. Hopefully you all just sent my packages to the mission home
I got one from Ron & Heidi already. It's hard not opening it haha but
I won't. 
I love you Dad,

Elder Barker

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