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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Email from December 8

Hey Dad,

Anyway, this week we started teaching a less active family the missionary discussions after he said he wanted to get back into church. We taught him the Restoration and it went really well he never lost his testimony that the church is true he just got into the habit of not coming to church and occasionally smoking. We got an exciting announcement on Thursday that we can go do baptisms for the dead with recent converts and less actives that we activate when they go for the first time. Luckily I am in the most southern zone and closest to the DC temple. We have someone lined up in January:) 
Yesterday, Jessica came to church again and later that night called us and told us that she was hanging out with her "friends" and they started attacking her for her beliefs. Mostly saying that marriage doesn't last forever as stated in the Bible (they screwed a verse very far out of context). And she bore testimony that she knows that the church is true and that families do last and that God loves her. She said she lost the "battle" but she had never felt the spirit so strongly as she stood up for what she believed and she told them that the Spirit was telling her that they were wrong as she spoke. We were so proud of her for finally standing up to her friends because they had been attacking her for awhile now. I do believe that she is really starting to build that solid foundation on Christ, and even though she has many trials soon to hit her she will be able to stand strong as Helaman 5:12 tells us. 
I am very excited for Christmas. As a missionary I have learned even more what Christmas is all about. I feel so much less of a desire for stuff to get, especially with the "He Is The Gift" initiative by the church. Have you seen the video? I shared it on Facebook. Also I believe you got pass along cards in the latest ensign. Have you been able to give any out? It's a very non threatening way of talking about the church and it takes them right to The Lord really is hastening his work and I know that as you look for opportunities to hand those out that you will gain that joy and spirit that come from missionary work and Nate will be able to feel it too (even if he doesn't realize it). I am excited to talk to everyone and I can't believe that it's already been a year since last Christmas. I am very grateful for the things that Christmas brings and the joy we can have as we remember the birth of our savior. 
Christmas morning (7 am my time) we are going over to a members home for breakfast and later we will be going to another home where they offered to let us Skype. I will know more details each week. 
I love you Dad,

Elder Barker

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