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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hey Dad,
Okay so first, as far as flight times and everything you are going to have to call the mission for that. I have very limited knowledge of these things, normally the parents are told this stuff long before the missionary. I didn't ask Amanda to register I asked her to look up teacher ratings so I could know which teachers are better. I will have to look but if you could (or amber or Amanda) look up prerequisites for pharmacy schools (most of them are the same I believe). I might take a world class then since I'm already taking calculus and chem, I'll look later at them. Registration is this Friday so I'll be doing it then. 
Well this week went very well and I found out that I am staying here in Stroudsburg for another transfer so I'll be ending my mission here — unless they move me for just 10 days. 
On Tuesday, we went and saw Lisa and Ron and read a little bit from the Book of Mormon with them and answered some questions they had. One she brought up was view of the God head and the trinity. We gave her some scriptures from the New Testament that testify that they are 3 distinct beings — among which are the baptism of Jesus, stoning of Stephan, Christ pleading to the Father in Gethsemane and on the cross — so that she can read and pray about them and find out for herself what is truth. It went really well I feel and afterwards we went straight to another appointment which had been set up just 2 hours before. It was with a man named George and he has been meeting with the missionaries since February I believe and is really great friends with the new Bishop. He had some questions about things he had been reading so we helped explain them. He said he believes the Book of Mormon to be true, he's just not ready for baptism yet. 
On Wednesday we went on exchanges and we had some cool lessons there I was in Lehighton with Elder Harmon. We met with a investigator named Ben they're teaching who is an atheist, is really trying to find out whether or not there is a God. He told us that he recognizes a difference from praying and he loved both of our "conversion" stories and our experiences with the Scriptures. We then stopped by another man they are teaching named Paris and we shared with him the gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to be baptized on July 6, he actually picked that date. We then met with a man named Jeff. He is Jewish and he was really cool, we talked a lot about the Old Testament (I am so happy that I've been studying that or else I wouldn't have been able to converse with him haha) he said he was impressed with my knowledge of the Torah. I was shocked by that because I feel I have an average knowledge of it. He made us homemade cotton candy which was pretty good.
The next day, Thursday, I was in Stroudsburg with Elder Zolman who's a boss! We got to talk to a few golden people on the street. We then had a frantic ride to a dinner appointment and then back to an appointment where we find out they were waiting for us and they even made us dinner! I was so full already. But I prayed I wouldn't throw up and I didn't haha, we had a really good discussion though with them about baptism and what is keeping them from committing even though they know it's true.
On Saturday we had some things fall through but we had an awesome lesson out of nowhere with a recent convert's granddaughter. She was raised Catholic but never felt that God was there when she went to church. Eventually it became a "does he exist?" type of feeling for her. We asked her some more questions which really made her think about her efforts in trying to have a relationship with God, and bore testimony that He lives and loves us. It was really powerful the spirit was there strong and I know that she felt it. She came to church the next day too! 
That was my week in a nutshell haha. I am excited to be staying here in Stroudsburg and for the growth that is waiting to happen:)
I love you Dad.
Elder Barker

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  1. Hello, Congratulations! I hope so. Will follow your story I like to keep up with the news. And thanks for the comments.