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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hey Dad, 
Well this week was really great actually! On Tuesday we were able to sit down with a recent convert Tiseam and talk with him. He had basically told us over text that he was going to leave the church days earlier, but we were to sit with him and understand what's going on more, so that's good he's a good kid just doesn't entirely understand what his baptism meant.  
On Wednesday we had transfers and we picked up our new companion, I am in a trio now here in Stroudsburg. The new elder is Elder Martinez from San Bernardino. He has been out for 3 months and doesn't know that I go home next week, I told him that I've been out "a little over a year" haha. A lot of members have mentioned me "dying" or going home soon though so he might be catching on a bit. He probably will know when I start packing today. Oh gosh that is weird. That night however we were able to have a lesson with Jess & Rich at a members home and we went over Tithing and Fast Offerings. It seemed to go very well.  
Thursday night we got to go on splits! It's so easy now being in a trio. Elder Westmann and Brother Karren (who's awesome!) were able to go see a potential named Lisa and they had a good lesson about the restoration with her. Elder Martinez and I were able to go see Brother Waldron. His daughter was acting up quite a bit but we were able to bring it all back especially towards the end and the spirit was there as we spoke. It was really cool seeing again how we were able to tie everything in and discern what he needed at that time. 
On Friday I went to the DMV and I got a Pennsylvania Drivers License! They were able to get some things from California and now I have a license! The man said if I just got an ID then I'd have to start everything over to get a license in California, but since it had expired within 6 months it got renewed:) I'm happy haha it took awhile but we were able to talk to a lot of people that day.
Saturday was pretty stressful, we had a couple appointments fall through and an hour before our next appointment with a woman, the member who was supposed to go out with us backed out! So we were calling frantically, calling everyone we know to get someone to come out with us. Finally we found someone to come out with us. He spoke a lot, a lot, but there was good stuff in there that she needed to hear. Then towards the end of the night we were on a less-actives door talking to him and I see Barry pull up through his driveway and say hi to him and walk over and talk to him and we were able to set up an appointment for Sunday. He had been hoping to see us actually. 
Sunday, it was really hard to conceal the fact that I was leaving soon because all the members just kept asking, so when do you leave? The Spanish branch is actually throwing me a fair well potluck next Sunday haha I just found out. But we were able to get 4 new investigators on Sunday! The night ended with an African family. They are very humble people who love the Bible and love having us come over and talk about God. We were able to set up another appointment for this Friday and they want us to bring a Finding Faith in Christ DVD for them. That family is great! I'll miss them. I'll miss it here. I can't believe this is my 2nd to last email I send home, it still hasn't really hit me that I'm going home soon but that is exactly why I haven't told elder Martinez that I'm leaving so I don't have elders talking about when I die, I want to keep working. This will be a great week! I am looking forward to sprinting to the finish and doing my best to jumpstart this area a little bit more before I go the way of the Earth.
I love you Dad
Elder Barker


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