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Monday, December 2, 2013

Email from 12/2/13

Dear Dad,

It was weird not being home for Thanksgiving. We went to the Fairalls for our Thanksgiving with the senior couple (the Wilsons) and the Spanish Elders. It was good not nearly as good as the dinners back home for sure but it was nice being with a lot of people. after that dinner we went to a less active member's house and he fed us again (and i was already super full) so we ate again... it was almost painful haha. That's way cool about Nathan i wish i could watch him play more is he being more aggressive on offense? any colleges starting to pay some attention? it's awesome that he still has another year! he will definitely be a force these two years. 

Last Tuesday we were able to go out with our Branch President and meet with a couple of less active familes and the Spirit there was so strong.  We talked about the Restoration in both and President Molano shared experiences from his mission and invited them back to church.  it was really cool just feeling the power of the Holy Spirit there.  before those though we went to the Hospital because a sister in our branch (Sister Schuck) was there.  we talked for some time and then she asked for a blessing so we all gave her one.

Wednesday we went to Michelle's daughter's house and well it was definitely interesting. Her name is Jody and her brother Shawn is another interesting one.  i can not even try to describe what happened there other than say it was total chaos! both were speaking at the same time and it wasn't bashing but they had ideas of what we were haha. Jody had a watched a documentary on mormons and according to these people who made it the Angel Moroni was an alien... i don't know. she knows the Bible really well because she went to Catholic school. i don't really understand the whole sainthood thing though i keep hearing about that here and it came up again there. Neither did Jody's daughter, who was there, because she asked, "isn't that like praying to false idols?"  But we gave Shawn a Book of Mormon so we'll see how it goes from there.  

Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Flake who leaves in a week. We visited Helen again with the Wilsons and she gave us a lot of food, too much haha. We left her a Restoration DVD and then went to Michael's. He seemed to be doing better he signed a contract to never drink until he gets to his rehab center at the VA.  I could tell he was able to think much more clear than before. He also kicked out his alcoholic roommate which was really good for him as well. we read with him 1 Ne 8 and 11 which are the tree of life visions.

Saturday we went to the Mousseau's for dinner which is out of our zone really but it is barely out of our area, brother mousseau is the Branch Clerk.  His family is so fun. His son Ryan is a paratrooper medic for the Army.  I asked him if he had ever jumped out of a C-17 and he said yes and i told him that my dad works for Boeing and is a project manager for the C-17 etc. (i am still not especially sure what you do exactly haha) he said to tell you "thank you" and that you'll know what it means? he also went on to say that they are the Cadillacs of planes.  So people appreciate what you do Dad:)  

This Sunday was our last in our old building and we will be going to Hazelton next Sunday. it is pretty exciting even though it is just a store front but we are working towards a phase 2 building.  Brother Hyland showed up to church (he was one of the less actives we saw with President Molano) and he paid his Tithing! his family is going through some financial trouble and i know he will be blessed for his act of faith. I got up and bore my testimony about the tender mercies the Lord shows unto us. i cried a bit not gonna lie. We had 50 people show up this Sunday so that was really cool because it was the second time since we broke 50!
i am sure that i am leaving out things I'm sorry:/ 

I love you all!
Elder Barker

(This is a photo Josh took of the area he is in.)

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