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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Email from 12/23/2013

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to let you know that we will be able to Skype.  After taking most of our Sunday after church-___- we were able to finally get Skype to work on our Senior couple's tablet, which they were nice enough to leave for us since they will be in Connecticut. We got permission to go to their home and use it. So I will call yous guys at around 12:30? so just get on when you wake up and I will call you and mom, i don't know if i will be able to call Amber seperately so have her on and I'll just play it by ear.  That's awesome that Amanda and Mitch will be there I am excited to see them.  Don't worry about presents Dad, being out here seeing how people struggle so much and barely even have a family has made me realize even more how blessed I am.  I will be very grateful for whatever it is, me and nathan always just got you Twix and Kitkats anyway haha.
How is Nate feeling? That's really too bad. Has he asked for a blessing? I have become such a believer in blessings. Even though it may not exactly heal him he will be able to be strengthened from it; whether it be physically or spiritually.
This last week had its hard times but it was one of my favorites for sure and may be for the rest of my mission.  Well to be honest, now that I am trying to remember what happened exactly each day, I can't remember anything before Saturday haha other than Thursday. So i guess I will start with Thursday haha.Thursday we had zone conferance where President gathers together a lot of zones. We watched Ephraim's Rescue which i highly recommend as well as 17 Miracles (Ask Amber she'll probably know) then we had a talent show haha. My zone leader wanted me to do a dance thing but i didn't think it'd be okay so i didn't but he - Elder Lozano - wrote a rap about Christmas and performed it. Which reminds me, look up the "Rapstoration" on facebook or maybe youtube. It's awesome!! After the talent show there was some elders beatboxing and playing the guitar and Elder Newbold called me over and told me to freestyle (I'm getting decent actually haha) and then i did a quick popping thing and Elders were asked why I didn't do that in the talent show because there were too many musical acts (they were all musical acts, except for Elder Parker who wrote a Christmas poem which was really good).  After that though we got our presents and letters which was exciting. 

Friday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Mower came with us. Unfortunately all of our appointments fell through -___- happens may too much. We had Elder Mower try out the chocolate heart attack and told us to patent that (which honestly i would love to do haha) we had him sign a "waiver" because he has a heart condition and it could have possibly given him a heart attack haha. He's okay last time i checked though.

Saturday an investigator from the Dominican Rebuplic that the Hazleton (Spanish speaking) Elders were teaching got baptized! That was really cool. Almost the entire meeting was in Spanish but it did not matter because the Spirit was there.  I loved that day because I just have been able to feel, or notice, the Spirit very easy and that day was super powerful. when Carlos got baptized I just remember having a feeling so powerful and the wider I smiled the stronger it got. I loved it. Saturday (happy birthday Amanda) we went to Mahanoy City as well.  We had an appointment with Kenny & Lissette but they i guess forgot despite talking to us the night before about it. They promised we would we see them at church the next day though.  We then tried a less active member named Richard at around 7. He is a really cool kid (he's 21). He loves us and we talked to him and his friend Dillon aka Grubby about... well the Restoration as well as the Plan of Happiness. Dillon was asking a lot of questions and seemed to listen intentively. They invited us over again so we'll see:)

Sunday was good and bad haha.  It was bad because none of our investigators were able to come except for Dezyrai so that was good to see. But the other Elders had some there and they were great to have there. The primary had a program (all 8 of them!) and Sister Merrit had to control her kid who loves to run around and another child who is autistic. It went well though and helped bring the spirit of christmas in. Sister Molano's lesson on Christmas though was amazing! She is so spiritual and it was great to have the continuation of the spirit from the day before.  After church we went over to the Wilsons for dinner and then tried to figure out skype/google hangeout.  their computer webcam was terrible. So after their son who is a computer programer couldn't get it fixed we switched to the tablet and it worked instantly. so we will be using that to call.
our skype address is hazleton.elders. so add us on skype and i will accept and call you. the time i will call at will be 12:30. i may call mom first at that time actually and then i will call you guys.

I am excited to see you all and remember to have a merry christmas. there is no place for sadness on this great day for it is the day that grief and pain were conquered!

Merry Christmas!
Elder Barker

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