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Monday, December 9, 2013

Email from 12/9/13

(Note from Amber: I'm posting this on my phone and the spacing is all whacky. Just know that Josh does, indeed, know how to use paragraphs...) 

I am not getting transferred I am staying in Tamaqua for at least 6 more weeks.  I don't know what is going to happen for Christmas every mission president is different, the last one said take what time you need to not be distracted, so like a use your best judgement type of thing. so depending on what happens i might be able to skype amber and steve separately? That's really cool about the Nativity thing i am sure the missionaries are able to meet a lot people with that. Do the Lakers have any draft picks this draft? if so i am totally okay with them doing terrible haha. Time seems to go slow and fast depending on what i look back at. sometimes things seem like they happened weeks ago but in reality it happened just a couple days ago haha and vice versa.  

This last monday we took pictures to make a christmas card thing but we don't have any good paper to print it on and the color came out terrible but it was really fun. 

Tuesday we went to Michelle's house (the lady we helped paint her rooms) and helped move some more stuff around and talked about the Plan of Happiness a bit.  We also set a time for this thursday to come back and help her boyfriend Jerry do some more work around the house and we will be able to talk more about God with him so that will be cool.  After that we went to Brother Bhola's house (a less active) and helped give service as well and then talked to him about the Melchizedek Priesthood it was a really good lesson and hopefully he will be able to come to church soon -- he just had surgery -- and be able to take part in his Aaronic Priesthood duties to progress.  Oh and Michelle's huskie, Nanook, is the reason why i want a huskie when i get older!  Then we went to Brother Hylands again and talked to him about the Melchizedek Priesthood as well and invited him to come to church.

Wednesday was a lot of fun. we helped out at the new building to do some heavy lifting and we were there for a lot longer than we had originally planned and our night was almost up so we drove back and changed then went to Hometown and checked out the Farmers market for a bit and i bought a Star Wars mug it's awesome haha.  Then we went to Angelos and i got a 1 pound philly cheesesteak called the Hazleton it was so good haha. we went to Pottsville and stayed the night with our DL Elder Flake since we had zone training in Reading in the morning. Saturday we went to Mahanoy City and went to see a man named Ray and we had an awesome lesson about the Restoration with him! Ray and his fiance Charlene felt the Spirit so strongly and both committed to be baptized on January 11! it was super cool! and then right after we went to go see a less active named Lissette and her boyfriend Kenny. Kenny is so cool he has such a strong testimony in Christ and is so grateful for what he has. We committed them to come to church and they came! at the end of sacrament KEnny said, "i really like it here you'll be seeing me next week" he's the man haha. They have twin 9 month year old girls and they are adorable and they make me miss the girls:( Coming home we just felt like getting some McDonald's and we go in there and a guy says, "Those are some nice coats. you work for Jesus?" and we started talking to him and were able to exchange numbers and invited him to Church he was a cool guy.  Sunday was our first week in the new building and we were going to have our Area Authority speak but he couldn't make it due to weather. But it was great it's so much better despite being a bit small. we had 60 people there! That's the most in a lonnngggg time. Before any of the elders here were here.  Last night we went on splits with the Spanish Elders so i had to try to understand Spanish for a bit it wasn't too bad i definitely forgot everything haha.
The are is getting better and is growing. It has definitely been hard however but i am working.
hope you are all doing well,
Elder Barker

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