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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Email from 1/26/2014- pictures!

Hey Dad,

Yeah the storm is starting to come now (9:30) and I'm sure Elder Barker has already been hit hard. We are on the edge of the impact area so we'll see how bad it gets. It's just a little bit of snow at the moment, but the mission is having us take precautions so we had to cancel our trip to Philadelphia, which is right across the river from us, even though we would take the train. I can't believe Elder Tui is home!! I guess it's Jordan now again, how was his talk? Did Nathan talk to him at all about the mission? When does Elder Coggins go home? I know he's been out for awhile too. Has Nathan invited his girlfriend to church events?

Well this week things started to pick up. We were able to go visit the temple site with an investigator named Pete. He has been meeting with missionaries for some time now and has been taught everything, but can't get baptized yet because he's living with his girlfriend (for like over 20 years). He absolutely loved the temple and the spirit there. It was great to be back on the streets of Philly where I spent so much time of my mission. I honestly would love to try and move there for some time for like Pharmacy school maybe (Temple has a really good program and I talked with some members in philly about it that were attending pharm school there). The temple would be built and the church is also building an apartment building right next to the temple and it would so cool to live there! It would only be for a couple years but if I am able to work at Dan's pharmacy during summers and if I transfer somewhere closer to where I could work there during school as well, I would hopefully have a decent amount of money saved up for it. My mission has helped me budget so much better! What do you think though? It was an idea I had when I served there but didn't think much of it, but it came to mind a lot while being down there again. It'll be something I'll pray a lot about when that decision comes closer but yeah haha.

We got to help out at Ronald McDonald and they had some decent sized projects for us and in the process and I was told by someone that we were their favorite and we seem like we are "somebody's son." They meant that we seem normal haha but it was an interesting way to put it haha.

On Wednesday we went to dinner at our branch presidents and well, I got whipped cream in the face haha. I'll send pictures. It was fun and then we went out with the first counselor and stopped by a few people and were able to have a really good lesson with a recent convert who has only been coming sporadically. Her kids have missed the missionaries come over more so we are going to try more.

Before dinner though we had a lesson with a less active named Gloria Reyes. The lesson seemed to go relatively well and she said that she would "try to get to church" which normally means "I'm not going." Sunday though, so the less active we had called the night before with a ride set up and was set on going, didn't come. However, as we were singing the opening song, Gloria walked through the door with her husband (well her boyfriend who's not a member)! I was so happy Especially since she hadn't come in at least a year! She told me after that she feels happy, she felt that she won that day. We set up an appointment with her and her boyfriend. I'm very excited for them:)
Well I hope everything goes well!
I love you
Elder Barker

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