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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Email 2/16/15

Hey Dad, 
First off, the oral surgeons office # is ------ The appointment was on February 6 and my patient id is ------. The medicine I picked up at Walmart and My insurance card from kaiser didn't work. As for school I'm asking president if I can do that soon, elders can register for classes out here. But for housing what is the price range you'd like me to go for? There's going to be time because I'm going to coordinate with a couple elders who are now home about rooming together since we talked about it on the mission. One thing though if possible, could you possibly look up a few places in Rexburg, near campus since I won't have a car, that I might be able to work at? I have a resume on the Mac computer that you could submit online if you have time (or someone else). I could really use a job after. I'm trying to prepare for when I go home, not where I ignore my mission but just trying to plan things. My mission has really made me realize the kind of life I want to live and the type of member I want to be after my mission. 
So Nate's season is done huh? Wow that's crazy, has it seemed to kinda make him think more of after high school as far as grades or mission? I hope they win one game, I still remember my senior season for volleyball, my last game was on my birthday. I'd love to be able to have a copy of that game for after my mission, do you know if Sister Tui has it still? Anyway, the snow isn't terrible but the roads here are still slick. 
This week was pretty uneventful, my lip is 99.9% back to normal so that's great (see amber for photos). Church was unfortunately cancelled for the Spanish branch due to snow but the English Ward still had sacrament so that was good, even though there wasn't really any snow. Every big scare for snow this winter I've only had a couple inches if that, but people get so scared it's kinda frustrating really, but I understand. We were able to visit a less active sister who was drinking coffee but we (my companion really since I don't speak spanish) were able to commit to stop coffee and hopefully she does. Honestly that's about it. It really was an uneventful week :/ 
I love you Dad. 
Elder Barker

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