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Friday, February 6, 2015

Email from 2/2/15

Hey Dad,

Well first off it turns out that I'm being transferred have to just seven weeks. This comes as quite a great shock to me as I have just left my last area after five weeks. Some good things did happen this week though, Gloria Reyes and her husband and son who are both nonmembers came to church for the second week in a row, and she was able to give her testimony in sacrament meeting. That sacrament meeting was so spiritual. I had been able to really build trust with Gloria and her mom, who for a long time did not like the elders but I just was able to call her mom and she loved me. 

When I got up to bear my testimony and said I was leaving, I looked at Gloria and she just looked so sad because this has been the first time in over a year that she has come to church. Her husband, well boyfriend, loves church though and all the men there. We had a big "munch & mingle" after to church to break the fast and everyone was talking to them it was so great to see! I was pretty heart broken to leave, I'll miss the branch here and the Spanish elders here (we live next door to each other and we would go into each other's apartments and do harmless pranks haha). I'll miss being in a walking area. I hated having to pack again after just getting here. It makes you wonder why was I even sent here? Or my last area? I just have to trust that every thing happens for a reason. On a brighter note, I finally have my drivers certificate and can drive now! I need to renew it in may though because that's when my license expires. 

Well for the home coming talk yeah talk with my mission president and let me know what he says. What coaches were talking to Nate? That's really cool! It was a lot of fun when I would go to volleyball tournaments and play in front of coaches and even though I missed every single playoff game I don't regret my decision on not playing on Sundays. Did you film any of his games that I could see?

This transfer and finding out I'm being doubled out has really taken me by surprise, I still can't believe I'm leaving. 
I love you Dad
Elder Barker

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